Monday, November 7, 2016


My voice is gone, Yet you're still not responding to me.
My eyes about to close...may be forever!
My heart slowly dying...
My soul in your hands....crushed!
I am battling for breath.

You look down at me....laughing.
You pour scorpions on me...
Then you step on my neck...
And ask me to give you my blood.
I am battling to live.

You push your hands into my heart...
You pull it out...and look at it.
You throw it at me....
My eyes close.
I am battling no more.

I can hear hymns from the dark clouds,
I can see bright light above me,
I can feel a presence...
Then I hear a voice....
I am battling obsoleteness

I want to wake up but I am tied,
I want to leave but I am frail,
Then you call my name....
I hear it clearly...Your voice!
I am battling you.

I don't want to come back to you.
Then you breathe into me...
I open my eyes.
You are looking at warmly.
I am battling confusion.

Then you pull me up,
You kiss me!
Then you take me home....
I don't have a soul...or a heart!
I am

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

When He saw me naked in the street

He finds me by the street, it is snowing...I am naked.
I am lost from my desert full of scars.
I was running away from scorpions and sand storms,
Escaping the heat of betrayal.
I closed my eyes to the heat and pain.
Until the pain of bites, hits, heat and thirst pushed me.

Here I am standing naked in a street thousands of miles from home.
Here I am: exposed, needy, lost, disturbed and hurt.
I was running from you...wait...was I?
Am I awake or dreaming?
Is this real or surreal?
Is it me? Is it?

Then it hits me! I hit me!
I am in bytes.
Running from myself.
I am naked in the streets He runs.
I am alone in a zone He controls.
He stops...then walks towards me.

I put up a strong face,
I have been bitten by snakes and scorpions.
He can't be worse.... I hope.
He looks at me in the eyes...
Then He calls my name...
I freeze! How did He know my name.

He extends His hand to mine..
I hesitate then I give Him my finger..
He takes it...then leads me to the dark.
I follow Him...what do I have to lose?
I lost my soul a long time ago.

We disappear in to the zeros and ones,
It leads to a cold path and on the other side...paradise.
And He covers me in petals...and sun.
He controls my mind,my will.
It is is is beautiful.
And I bow at His feet and give Him, me.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Help Me....Love me!

He stops!
He steps back....and drops the flashlight.
He starts to cry and runs outside like he just saw a ghost.
I want to run after him to hug him,
To tell him that it is okay.

Yes, to console him.
Yes, the man who was about to kill me,
Yes, the man who hits me for loving him.
Yes, him that I have lost everything for.
Yes, I know..I am stupid.

Why do I stay you ask,
Why am I this stupid you wonder.
I will tell you...
I will show you...
I will explain.

Because I am weak...he had made me.
He owns my mind..heart and sadly decisions.
He has made me feel like if I leave...he will die or kill me.
And I feel like I have to stay to help him be human again,
Should I? NO!

But unless you are in my shoes..You will never know.
You will never understand. And I know that.
So please help me....
Not by judging me but by helping me love myself again.
Not by disowning me but by embracing me.

Help me help myself first.
Help my heart heal,
Help my mind recover.
Help my soul come back.
Help me talk about this!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Set My Mind Free..

He stands at the door pointing a flashlight on me,
I am in the corner still scared of him,
He calls my name...twice.
He sounds angry yet concerned.
I can't answer cause he will hear my sobs,
And he will kill he promised.

He starts walking towards me,
His heavy boots, strong on the wooden floor,
Each step and I hear my mother's sob by my grave,
He keeps calling my name,
I can't answer cause he will hit me for having not answered earlier.
And he will kill my soul the others.

He is now standing next to me,
He shines the light on me,
I am in his t-shirt and nothing else.
The floor is wet...from the water he poured on me earlier.
I am trying not to look up or breathe hard cause he will punish me,
And he will kill my hope to ever see myself ...who he hates.

"Bird, look at me."He whispers and crouches to touch my hair.
I feel care in his voice and hear concern in his tone.
I have a battle inside me...'Look!Don't!Look!Don't!'
I lift my head slowly to look at him...
"Are you crying? Bitch!" He shouts, grabs and slaps me!
And I know this time he will kill me...It is in his eyes.

Then my life starts to flash before my eyes,
Everybody told me that he will one day kill me,
My family, but my mother, disowned me,
My friends all left cause they were tired of my wounds.
But I thought I could help him...change!
And here he is, about to kill me...I know it is too late.

Then, he grabs my hair and pulls me up.
"You little bitch! Always crying!" He head-butts me.
The pain is too much but not like what I feel in my heart.
Then I tell him that I am pregnant....

Thursday, January 7, 2016

I am dying

His words flowing through my nerves,
His charm controlling my heart,
His eyes fixed on mine,
He keeps talking!
I can't look away or stop smiling.
Because his lies give me life.

He breathes on my veins,
I stop thinking,
I stop caring.
I stop being myself.
He whispers my name.
My heart stops.
My mind starts racing.
His lies give me seizures.

But all of a sudden it is over,
He gets up and leaves.
He goes back to her.
And I am left crying in the shower.
I start thinking of his lies.
I curse myself,
But my phone rings...It is him.
He lies and my sobs turn to giggles.

I know he is a liar,
I hate that I know that and still stay,
Yet I can't stop myself or him...them.
They are all the same..and so am I.
I am married to lies and highs.
But his lies cure my addictions.

Society has given me names,
My friends talk behind my back,
My life is the talk of the village,
My mother prays for my delivery,
My father loathes my lifestyle.
And this pushes me to call him..
I need his lies to feel again,
I live a lie but I can't leave.

The syringes in the bedside drawer, are my family.
Their numbers on my phones, my only link to humans.
I can't function without him...or them.
I know he will kill me,
I know I should stop coz he loves her and not me.
But I am shackled to his lies.
He seduces me better than anyone ever
I am dying.