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Clothed by emptiness.

His words were reassuring to my heart,
His touch on my soul....firm,
His grip on my destiny... strong
His eyes to mine... intense.
His voice assuring yet confusing.

He would come when I least expected him,
He would disappear when I needed him.
He would protect me in the darkness of the sunlight,
Yet slave me in the light of the dark.
His mysterious ways a glue to my mind.

Transfixed my desire on himself,
Confused my heart to hurt,
He plays games with my life,
He knives my throat to heal it.
His dealings unwanted yet needed.

He is mine yet not,
He is near yet nowhere,
He is close yet not present,
He watches me... yet away.
His presence is everything of nothing.

But I can't help...
But I can't tell....
But I can't leave..
I can't live...without him being.
He clothes my emptiness.

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