Monday, April 20, 2015

You are a wrecker

You want my heart, you say.
You want my time forever, you claim.
You have never felt this way, you recite.
You won't hurt me, you sing.
But you are a wrecker, how do I believe you.

I have seen all those girls you lied to.
I have witnessed the pain and tears you left on your path,
I have covered the jars of your deceit.
I have heard these words so many times.
But you are a wrecker, you have been for as long as I have known you.

I have been your friend through all the games,
I have helped you hurt others,
I have hugged you when you were not ok.
I have cared by the sidelines.
But you are a wrecker, and I am that girl who covered you.

Then one day you walked to me and kissed me.
From no where you now loved me.
I knew you wanted the sex to help you through things.
Just like it did with all those other girls.
But you are wrecker, though you said you wanted love.

You kissed me like you want to be loved,
You were so fragile, beneath that hard huge cover,
Your eyes sold your soul. Your empty soul.
It scared me seeing you so wrecked.
But you are a wrecker, how do I overlook that?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Let Me In.

Tell me my fair lady,
Let me in my fairy,
Why are you like this to me?
Am I not good enough?

How do I love you in hiding?
How do I care without showing?
Why don't you want me?                        

Why are you in the shadows?

I am in love with you,
I confess, you digress.
You are what I have been looking for,
Yet you keep pushing me away.

The first time I saw you, I knew you were it.
I felt 50 shades of love.
I wanted to talk to you but I couldn't.
So much was on the scale.

Then fate brought you to me,
You smiled, I fell deeper!
You care about my being,
Your lips moved more than my blood.
Your words, Oh your voice.

They say I am a whore.
And may be I was.
But, you! You have me hooked.
You make me hate my past.
Because it might make me never have you.

How do I erase that.
How do I show you that I have a heart.
How do I surrender, (I already have) to you.
Make me a slave!
Make me anything you want.
Just let me in!
Let me love you, my lady.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Clowned Yet Chained

These scars remind me of happier times,
Your voice tormenting my soul,
Your ghost haunting my shadow.
We fight yet I can't see you.
We can't be together
We can't be apart.

You want to see me happy
You want to make me sad
You push me away,
You pull my strings
I want my life,
You want my life.

We are best together yet apart,
We are worst in our happiest sadness.
We are mute about our feelings,
We are carefully careless.
We are strangely strangers in the desert of love.

We communicate through our eyes,
We hurt when together because we can't be together,
We are in denial,
We will never be.
We never have been.

We are under a spell.
You, on my pedestal.
I, the slave to your charm.
Lets live a lie,
Lets force it to die,
This force has us in a tie.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lecherous Temptation.

I am at a bar,seated at the counter minding my own. 
I suddenly look over my shoulder, this gorgeous lady I hadn't noticed is sipping her wine. She notices I'm looking at her so I look away to avoid that awkward moment, you know it right? 15 minutes later I decide to sneak a look and there she is, fetishly playing on her phone. 
Smiling. Then, I know I want this woman. In all her majesty. 
I can see a few curves behind her knee length dress. 
A slight peek at her lower thigh has my brain on over drive. 
I sip my drink to quench my thirst (sic) You can do this, I tell myself. 
I give her one final look and I decide, what the heck. I approach her. 
Say hi. 
She looks at me. 
She takes a few seconds. 
She says hi back and smiles. 
Her angelic voice got me thinking oh Lord let this be the day you made. I offer to buy her a drink and she says she's taking red wine. 
'Waiter!' I'm all confident now, there's no room to make a mistake. One hour goes. 
Then another. 
She's good conversation. 
But as she talks I'm lost in her eyes. In my mind I'm thinking 'oh the things I would do to her if I got the chance.' "You want to dance?" I didn't hear her asking that. 
"Pardon?" "You want to dance?"
We dance. Forever.
It's time to go home. 'Your place or mine?' 'Oh no she didn't,' I think in my head. 
I hesitate then say mine.
I'm following her up the staircase. 
Her skirt slit reveals just enough thigh to drive a slightly tipsy guy over the edge. The lock takes what looks like a million years to open. 
She's laying on my bed. 
I thought I would introduce her to my famous back massages. 
Her black dress lays on the floor. Pin drop silence. My hands slowly rubbing her back. 
The room smells of a faint baby oil scent. 
I can tell she's enjoying this. I'm erotically dry humping her as I massage her neck. 
Slowly my hands come down to the side of her boobs. 
Down the side of her body. 
They slowly meet at her lower back, just above her bum. My hands wonder down, slowly over her bum, to her outer hips. 
Then converge again on her inner thighs which are slightly spread apart. The routine seems to be working. 
As my hands come together on her inner thighs, 
I just pass them over her butterfly. They are back to her neck. It seems to drive her crazy so I do it again. 
Slowly going down her back, to the bum, inner thighs and slightly above her butterfly. She starts to turn. The Lord heard my prayer! Amen. She turns and I go in for the kiss. The final kill.
Oh! you lecherous temptation.

Written by a writer who wishes to remain anonymous for now. :)