Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Soul: Let me touch your heart

Close to you I feel sound,
Only with you I feel safe,
You are my eyes in the dark,
My cover in the sun.

You are the light,
I am the shadow.

You judge me, not.
You embrace my inane,
You love my eyes,
You see through me,

You are the ocean.
I am the tides.

You hate seeing me sad,
Yet you don't want me near,
You want to be there for me,
Yet you close your shells.

You are the clouds.
I am the rain.

I care about you
You care about me,
You are my friend,
Am I yours?

Your my soul
Let me touch your heart.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Still: Forever Might.

I wonder if she is okay,
I hope she is,
I wonder if he treats her right,
I hope he does,
I wonder if she forgot about me,
I hope she did,
Lie,I hope she never will.

I hate that I miss her,
I hate that my love for her still grows,
I hate that I feel betrayed,
Yet,I would still take a bullet for her.
I hate myself for still loving her.
Sorry have to let that out

Nothing burns forever.

Matchstick in seconds,
Candle light in hours
Paraffin light in hours,
I hope this love won't too.

But no knife cuts deeper,
The tears dripping from my eyes 
The raindrops speak the rest I am just a weak motherfucker.
Her thoughts like an onion to my eye.

I am not ok, I have never been.
It has been years,
Will it ever change?
I cry,I think of her always.
I cant help it especially when it rains,
Can't control how I feel.
I still and might love her forever.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gone: My Hearty.

So warm,your hands.
So genuine, your smile.
So gentle, your voice.
"Thank you. I am lucky."

We talk, about everything.
We laughing.  A lot.
Then you start coughing. Pain.
I stop talking. Look at you pale.
You whisper. "Sorry"

"No.I am sorry"
You smile. "It's okay"
We stop talking. Silence.
Death silence.
Then the nurse tells me to leave.

As I start walking, you cough.
I look back.
Your eyes. Watery.
I come back. Hug.
"Thank you for always being there.I love you"

"Shh! Rest!" I Stop you.
As I walk out, I feel a part of me leaving.
I rush to my car.
I get in. Sobbing. Pain.
I am hopeful, of a miracle.

I head home.
Open my door.
Phone call.
And I hear your mum's sobbing voice.
I drop to the floor.

I lie on the floor. Helpless.
Knock on the door. Our other pals.
We head to the hospital.
We find you lying down. Still.
Your hands. So cold.
My heart freezes. Gone. Too.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The End: His beggining.

Give him your all or nothing,
Make him your core and stop the crashing.
Where did your crushing go, he is hurting.
Why did you stop chasing,
When did it all become appalling.
He misses your hearting.

Did he lose you to the rain,
Desire no longer running in your vein,
Or did you find a better train,
To shelter your heart and to reign,
You are to far way in this love terrain
He is feeling lost, pain, plain, inane. Please explain.

You can't look at him in the eye,
The fire gone, the flames not nigh,
Your touch, like for any other guy,
You were one once, us, but now I.
Tell where love he can buy, comply,try to stop your bye.
You make him cry, your love well, dry.

Claire,he needs your care.
A loving glare.
To end his despair.
To wipe his tear.
Touch his soul again, you are his pair.
Repair, his heart. Answer his prayer.
oh dear. Just be fair.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friendship: A needle.

My tears washed your path,
My blood painted your walls,
My hands, your brush.
My body your art.
My heart your toy.
My eyes, where are my eyes?

You called me sweet names,

You pulled me near,
You whispered in my ear,
You will always be here,      
If only my head could hear.
And my heart out of there.
My Heart, where is my heart?

You pulled me from misery,

I followed you without inquiry,
I thought my heart was heading to liberty,
My pain would be history.
Now I am here crying bitterly
I wish I turned away and walked off quietly,

Fickle this riddle: Friendship is such a needle. 
Commital yet when it breaks, so brutal.
Fickle,my heart hurt. I need to whistle.
My emotions without a thought, you fiddle.
Is it because I used to tipple and Gamble?
I will tremble as I ramble through this bramble,
Scramble through this, and I will be ok when I reach my misery temple.