Thursday, July 24, 2014

Don't Find Me

I watch as darkness kisses me goodbye.
Our hands slowly letting go.
We are departing.
We are no more.
The journey is over.

I listen as you whisper my name amid sobbing.
Tears streaming down our cheeks.
You are sad.
I am not.
We have been friends this long.

I feel as your heartbeat slows down.
I feel your breathe fading off.                  
I look into your eyes.

Misery, my dearest friend.
You are gone.
I am grateful that you were there when I needed a friend.
Misery, my solace.
I am glad you insulated me, when I needed warmth.

I have a new life.
You will be remembered.
You were.
You have.
You will.
Be there.

Good Bye.
I will be ok.
Don't find me.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

GoodBye. I am sorry.

Is life worth living, when it has no meaning?
Is a heart worth beating when it powers no spirit?
Is blinking worth it when your eyes see no purpose?
Is pain worth feeling for something long lost?
Goodbye love, I am sorry my time is up.

Is trust found in death?
Is family worth leaving?
Your baby inside you crying.
Your mother bleeding by the day.
Your life, lost!
Your purpose, gone.
Goodbye family, I am sorry my time is up.

Is it selfish to decide on your own?
Is your life yours?
Do they care now or act like they do?
Will they cry, curse or rejoice in your demise?
Is God merciful enough to forgive you?
Goodbye grace, I am sorry my time is up.

Is life worth taking?
Is living worth the option?
Is death the answer?
Is life the answer?
Goodbye choices, I am sorry my time is up.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

He Is Just A Boy!

Words fascinate him, Words meet his needs.
He is always wondering, Always dreaming! Wandering!
Words heal him, Words complete him.
They to him are candy, the only friend he has always had.
He is just a boy! A trapped little boy.

His brain still stuck at the spot you left him as a child.
He has grown, acquired knowledge, matured... you all say.
But he is still there!
There where you left him crying..wondering why...needing his dad.
He is just a boy! A child inside.

He remembers playings alone; drawing, writing, smiling...lonely.
He is a loner. Sad. Concerned. Hurt. Bitter.. Weird...yeah weird.
He still plays alone, even in a crowd.
Lone is his comfort zone
He is just a boy! That boy.
Words are his friends. They understand him.
They don't judge him. They don't find him strange.
His solace, his happy place, his cure!
He hates tears! They are warm. Warmth is for the weak.
Misery is for the strong! Like him. Misery is his other friend!
He is just a boy! A haunted boy.

He was scared for a while when you left.
Then he learnt that he only had himself.
He had to put him first, to make himself proud.
Disappointment was never an option.
He put up his guard, his charming smile. It worked.
He is just a boy! A strange boy.

He is still wondering, trying to find where he fits in.
He writes, it makes him happy to know that he made someone read.
Because he is still trying to find a belonging.
To find where he will be accepted as weird as he is.
He might be a man, but he is a child inside.
He is just a boy. Stuck in the past.