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Lie to me, please me.

Lie to me, please me.
Lie to me, heal me.
Lie to me, for I am not living,
Lie to me, I need it.

Mask me, pain.
Mask me, vain.
Mask me, vein.
Mask me, drained.
Mask me, I need it.

I keep running from you.
I keep hoping that I will forget.
I keep wishing that I could forgive.
I keep dreaming of your threats.
I keep needing your pain.

You have a hold of my being,
You have the key to my thoughts.
For you are demons.
You are my master.
The past is my master.

Lie to me, please.
Fry me, plain.
Cry for me, pain.
Carry me, past.
Fly me, from this chain.

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