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Utter; You Matter.

They are similar in a few ways; if not slightly more.
They hide, using things they are most passionate about,
They hide, when they are hurting or worried.
They hide, putting up a front and acting okay.

They hide, laughing the loudest and showing off happiness.
They hide, drinking and partying the hardest.

They are the strongest in our cycle,
They are the bravest in a crisis,
They are the calmest in distress.

Yet, they crash and hurt deeper than mosts,
They bounce back fast or sometimes never...but they cope., the few, the strange....the strongest-weak.

So, when you feel like you want come out to the light,
When you feel like it is okay to move ahead,
I will be waiting; arms, ears, eyes and heart open.
You are important to me.
You matter, more than you will ever know.

I won't ask you to trust me,
I won't ask you to talk about your feelings,
I won't intrude your space.
But I will be here next to you, in silence.

I will be here next to you,  vulnerable.
I will be he…

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