Sunday, January 18, 2015

His Touch: My Switch

I walk up to him,
I need a pen,
I ask if he has any.
"Here, my favourite!"
"Thanks, I am done."
"Keep it. It will help you remember me"

I walk away.
He is too cute to be forgotten
He is too cool to be ignored.
He is too perfect.
Yes perfection exists.
It. Is. Him!

I dream of him.
I can't stop thinking of him.
He is tormenting my brain.
He is torturing my loins.
I want him.

Months pass.
The stranger still lives in my head.
He has chained my mind.
He holds the quench to my thirst.
I miss him.

How can I miss someone I don't even know.
I think. I smile. I look up.
He is walking towards me.
I Freeze.
I am too excited, scared!
No, I am confused.

"We meet again!"
I can't speak.
Words fail me.
Perfection remembers me.
"Are you okay"

Finally my tongue cooperates.
"Yes, we meet again"
"Hi, I am Eve."
"I am Jude."

And so it starts.
We become close
Very close...too close may be,
He walks past me and pulls my hair,
It switches all my fuses ON.

He blushes.
I blush for him.
He is so hard but I melt him.
I am tough, he makes me soft.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Thorns His Crown

Dust clouding his space,
Wind carrying his soul,
Away it goes!
Hostage of the past.

He is too close to the source
Almost touching the sun,
The heat is what he needs,
Pain is the ice he lives in.

Misery in and out of his zone,
It's the solace that comforts,
The friend  always in deed
Sadness is his happiness.

Pulling him in,
Galaxies of memories,
Planets that are too far from them,
"Misery,Myself and I!" He thinks

Still fighting with peace,
Pushing him close to destruction,
The doors of diamonds lock him in the cave with his demons,
His walls built from imagination.

His shell won't break or melt,
His past shackled on this ankle,
His hands washed off by tears,
His eyes closed by his shadow.

He can't conquer his past,
He can't leave his shadow behind,
He is trapped in the throne.
With thorns as his crown.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Past: Demons

Chains on my heart,
Strings that control my hand,
Pain that suffocate my joys,
Memories that invade my peace.
Past, demons sitting on my throne.

I still see your blood flowing,
I still hear my screams while drowning,
I feel your hands on my neck squeezing,
Your eyes looking at me without caring,
Past, demons controlling your drone,

Past: demons throwing the stone.

Pushed me to the edge,
Asked me to leave.
To stop life.
Hoping I never live.
Past: demons thriving when you are alone.

Then you were given to me,
I felt your heart beat in mine,
You lived in my soul,
I touched you!
Your eyes washed my tears,
You saved me!
Past: demons thrown!

Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf

Friday, November 7, 2014

Love: Cycle of Goodbyes

The world came to light,
My heart felt alright,
I thought it was right,
But you killed the angel in me,

You took me for granted,
You betrayed my kindness,
You stubbed my soul,
You made me wicked,

We had our moments,
We had flaming chemistry,
Yes we 'HAD'

But we are done,
We are the past.

Now it is you,me...strangers
On different pages,
We can't build bridges,
We are night and day.

My love for you is dead,
Desire disgusts me,
You disgust me.
You are dead to me.