Monday, March 2, 2015

I Am That Girl

I am that girl you don't understand,
That girl who plays playstation, drinks beer,
The girl who is always in a group of men,
That girl who laughs without control,
The girl who is one of the boys.

I am that girl you hate,
That girl who is always chilling with your boy,
That girl your boyfriend keeps referring to,
That girl who gives him advice on the gifts to buy you,
That girl you wish he would stop talking to.

I am that girl you always hurt,
That girl who has no voice,
The girl who treasures you more than herself,
The girl who would do anything in the world for you,
That girl who is unhappily happy.

I am that girl with the smile in the middle of a storm,
That girl who will hold everyones hand to make sure they are ok.
The girl who will sit in the dark with you as you cry,
That girl who never says no.
The girl whose kindness you always exploit,

I am that girl, all of her.
The clumsy, confused, funny, happy, smart girl,
The loner, weirdo, introverted, shelled girl,
The happy, bubbly, naughty, flirty, chained girl,
The girl you see everyday on the streets
I am that girl, that girl!

I am that girl, who is human too!
The girl you wrongly judge,
The girl who needs someone's shoulder sometimes,
The girl who weeps on the inside and smiles on the outside,
The girl you would understand if you cared a little more,
I am that girl who is expect not be human because I am is different!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

R.I.P Studges

It is said that great men walk amongst us,
More often than not we realize this when they are no more!
It is hard to imagine,
let alone write or accept that amongst us,
you are no more!

To joy, pain, happiness, loss, wins, laughter(a lot of it).
To pride, friendship and the struggles that few knew.
You were a true champion my friend!
You lived like a king.

With the kindest of hearts,
The warmest of embraces,
And genuineness in your words like a saint.

You cared, even when you shouldn't have.
You forgave, even when you shouldn't have.
You loved, without questioning just like a child...
Your bled for your brothers,

You wept when we lost and celebrated each win like it was a world cup final.
And that is the true character of a legend.
And you all sense of the word.
You forever will be.
You played with your heart and soul.
True passion for the team and game.

You were family and always will be.
I hope you are happy there.
I hope you have found peace.
But above all these, I hope that we will meet again.
Until we meet, make those you are with smile like you made us.

Your memories we forever will cherish,
Your footprints in our hearts will remain,
Your smile we will never forget!
Rest In Peace Studge.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dancing in the Dark

I know you are there but I can't see your face,
I feel your presence,
I hear your breathe,
I see your silhouette,
You look majestic, magnetic, so athletic.
As I watch you dance in the dark.

I dream of the things that we can be,
I dream of your lips,your hands, your grip,
Because only there I can touch you,
Only there I feel your flesh next to mine,
Only in that state I can call you mine,
You are apathetic, unapologetic and poetic.
But only in this state, I can hold you as we dance in the dark.

Then I wake up,
And back to the reality of wanting,
The agony of needing,
And knowing that you will always be a just that... a shadow,
That I watch grow, flow and follow
Away with the wind as you dance in the dark.

I wanna dream all the time,
So that I can have you in my arms,
I wanna tell you, show you, make you ...mine
Just for a moment,
An unforgettable moment.
To at least dance with you in the dark.

Yet I have been standing here behind you for hours,
Not even a glance from you,
You don't see me,
You don't feel me,
You don't want me!
I cry as you keep dancing in the dark!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

His Touch: My Switch

I walk up to him,
I need a pen,
I ask if he has any.
"Here, my favourite!"
"Thanks, I am done."
"Keep it. It will help you remember me"

I walk away.
He is too cute to be forgotten
He is too cool to be ignored.
He is too perfect.
Yes perfection exists.
It. Is. Him!

I dream of him.
I can't stop thinking of him.
He is tormenting my brain.
He is torturing my loins.
I want him.

Months pass.
The stranger still lives in my head.
He has chained my mind.
He holds the quench to my thirst.
I miss him.

How can I miss someone I don't even know.
I think. I smile. I look up.
He is walking towards me.
I Freeze.
I am too excited, scared!
No, I am confused.

"We meet again!"
I can't speak.
Words fail me.
Perfection remembers me.
"Are you okay"

Finally my tongue cooperates.
"Yes, we meet again"
"Hi, I am Eve."
"I am Jude."

And so it starts.
We become close
Very close...too close may be,
He walks past me and pulls my hair,
It switches all my fuses ON.

He blushes.
I blush for him.
He is so hard but I melt him.
I am tough, he makes me soft.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Thorns His Crown

Dust clouding his space,
Wind carrying his soul,
Away it goes!
Hostage of the past.

He is too close to the source
Almost touching the sun,
The heat is what he needs,
Pain is the ice he lives in.

Misery in and out of his zone,
It's the solace that comforts,
The friend  always in deed
Sadness is his happiness.

Pulling him in,
Galaxies of memories,
Planets that are too far from them,
"Misery,Myself and I!" He thinks

Still fighting with peace,
Pushing him close to destruction,
The doors of diamonds lock him in the cave with his demons,
His walls built from imagination.

His shell won't break or melt,
His past shackled on this ankle,
His hands washed off by tears,
His eyes closed by his shadow.

He can't conquer his past,
He can't leave his shadow behind,
He is trapped in the throne.
With thorns as his crown.